I’m not very flexible, so even trying to stretch my legs is hard. What’s the easiest way to (somewhat) become more flexible?

Josephine X.
Then start with small stretching… Just stretch your body parts as much you can. Try to loosen the muscles and your body. Start with small steps… Start doing basic yoga. In first you will feel the pain so do it for lesser time. And after a week try to increase the time. When we don't do much activity our body gets stiff… So we have to accept that and we have to make it flexible day by day slowly. Start yoga's small steps for very little time. Then start doing it in the morning as well as in the evening. In some months you will feel the difference. Just take it easy and slow.
Hope my answer has helped you.
Wish you all the best and thank you for reading!!!!
Mathew Z.
You just have to keep stretching and doing your best every day, even though it's really hard. If you keep trying you'll be a lot more flexible in what seems like no time! 🙂
Calvin E.
Just do stretches everyday even little tiny ones help if you keep up the good work! Go at your own pace, if it hurts bring it back a bit. You got this 💪🏻
Lonnie U.
If it is hard to even stretch your legs it’s best to start slow but keep a routine going. That way each day you will be able to become more and more flexible and you will be kept on a schedule.
Juan J.
Hey ! Start slow. And focus on your breath. If legs are even hard then sit on the ground and fold one of your feet in toward your crotch, and bed the other on and try to kiss your knee, then breathe in deep. When you exhale try to go a little bit lower, try to stay in positions at least 30 seconds. A little bit each day goes a long way! Be patient with your body!
Maxine S.
Love this question 🙌🏽. I had the same problem. Stretch in bed. I hold one knee at a time bent and then let it gently drop to the side and let gravity gently pull it down. Also, on my side, I hold my legs open like a scissor and just let them be in that position for a few minutes, and then switch the top and bottom leg positions. Then I bend my top leg at a 45 degree angle and bring my knee to rest on the bed; this stretches the hip muscle. And my arms… When I’m on my side I just let my arm hang behind my back, stretching the shoulder muscles; let gravity do the work. If your bed is high, lay on it with your torso (to support your weight) and stretch your legs and tendons even further. Good luck!
Leah S.
The easiest way to become more flexible is in my opinion to start with the "level" you are at in an exercise and hold it for several minutes (es. ~10). As the minutes pass you should slowly swing your way towards a more difficoult "level". It takes some time but I used to do this when I did ballet as a (not very flexible) child and I still benefit from it a decade later.
Aquiles I.
As a supremely inflexible person, I’ve learned that by comparing to what I think flexibility should be, I’ve created an undesirable ideal for myself. You are not up against all the people in the world, you are only working to improve up on the you that was present yesterday to make tomorrow’s you a little better. I had to develop touching my toes incrimentally, I’d start with my knees very bent and my hands on the floor and I’d slowly straighten my legs to a point where I felt some discomfort but not pain. Over about 6 months I was eventually able to have my legs straight with my palms on the floor. Then I spent another 6 months working on straightening my back in this pose and getting my forehead to my knee. It took regular small incremental work. I will probably never be able to do splits, but I can work at it. Strengthen my muscles and stretch my tendons. The reality is different anatomies, difference in distance of hip to knee for example, effect tendons and tendon elasticity. Our bodies are all unique. Don’t conform to an expectation of flexibility. Rather focus on the movement and what feels good to your body today. And get there slowly.
Lucas C.
Doing every day!! More stretches you do, better and easier it gets ☺️ Remember how flexible you are and what you used to do! Just got start again and enjoy 💓🤗💓
Benevenuto O.
Just do as much as you can, being flexible will take time. Warming up your muscles by walking or jogging will help you get a deeper stretch.