How to do the habits during long-term? I I feel the habits are the same every day, and the enthusiasm to do them is decreasing. Not to do, but when you’re doing the same thing every morning, it becomes less exciting. Thank you!)

Arc Lio Z.
I always do them in the fabulous moment with headphones on Android totally zone out. It’s my me time. I see it as a treat just for me.
Pat U.
You could try mixing up the places where you do your habits! Eat your breakfast in a different room, take a different route for a walk, listen to different music when you exercise. Adding variety to the context of your habits could help keep it exciting and fresh.
Justine W.
That’s why mixing it up is good, as in have a different breakfast something that excites you to have. The exercise make is simple and not too much so you feel like it’s easy to achieve, or do the opposite and really push yourself so that the reward is worth it.
Lola N.
Pitkän tähtäimen suunnitelma on, että kun jokin alkaa tuntua tylsältä niin muutan tai vaihtelen sitä hieman.
Esim. lenkki; eri ulkovaatteet, kengät tms.
Meghan O.
I understand where you're coming from. I've only used the app for a few days now, along with my planner. I look to this app to keep me on track with my daily tasks, though it may be monotonous, sometimes my own self-care may take a backseat to everything else going on daily. So Fabulous reminds me to drink my water, breathe, stretch (daily goals that I may not be consistent with) and exercise or reading, depending on what my goals are and how long I'm looking to track a particular goal. Hope that helps
Jose E.
Yes! This happens to me too! I guess the key it to improvise it as well as find meaning in what you do. If it becomes a part of you, you'll do it subconsciously and it won't be that difficult. Hope it helped!
Jonathan F.
Get excited about growing your habit streak! Becoming more consistent is exciting too:) If you feel like you want to challenge yourself more, consider re-evaluating your habit list to suit your new goals.
Swetlana T.
I think when you will start to feel results from an healthy life, you will find more enthusiasm for doing the same things every day