How can I be more flexible?

Cris A.
Number one step is to set priorities for yourself. understand what you need to do first and be selfish with what you need to accomplish. Then , whatever spare time you have, that is when you allow flexibility in your time and action. Kind regards, Mic
Liam N.
Use the app! Try the 1min workout as a warm up and then follow with the 10min stretch. It's really great!
If you cannot complete it or if some of the exercises are hard, don't be frustrated. Take your time. Don't rush it. You should never do something that gives you anything more that a light pain. Search for the exercises online and take some time to practice them outside the routines. Get to know them.
Good luck, have fun and take control of your Life.
Agathe Q.
Alittle at a time is the key. You start with the basics that you know (or don’t. There are great free apps you can download). Once you start to feel that pull don’t think you need to hurt yourself. A little everyday and one day you’ll say “whoa since when could I bend my leg that far!”