I would love to learn some stretches for my stiff knee!

Alyssa F.
A quickand easy exercise is to lay on your back, grab your shin of one leg with both arms, gently pull and release your leg towards your chest. Repeat each day as much as possible.

S Lvia O.
I am an athletic training student so I am hoping I can give some well-intended advice. As kids we are taught that our body is made up of the “shoulders, knees and toes,” but the truth is every part of the body connects with one another. That being said, while there are no stretches specifically meant for the knee joint, strengthening and increasing the flexibility in your hamstrings and quads is the way to go. If you have access to a foam roll, roll out your hamstrings and quads once every other day to loosen the muscle fibers. From there you can use NSCAs (National Sport and Conditioning Associations) conditioning manual to outline what stretches best target the legs which will in turn help with your stiff knee 🙂

Emilie G.
I can’t tell you any moves from the top of my head but .A great way to unstiffen your knee , is to to bending exercises and make sure you stretch them out lots.

Jennifer Q.
I don’t know the specific case but you should probably work the whole leg for that, even the hips. The knee is an articulation, not a tendom. The tendoms involved in it’s movement are the ones under and above in the leg, so probably it’s the whole extremity that it’s rigid. Always remember to warm up a little first and listen to your body when it tells you you’ve reached your limit 🙂

Lana C.
It's important to know where/why your knee is stiff. I am a licensed massage therapist and know that knees can be tricky. They move in so many different directions. You can message me on Facebook or Instagram @mandamancewilkinson with more info on the discomfort and I can give you a better idea of what to do!