How to strech until you’re flexible?

Ana I.
I suggest you fitvate app it contains a lot of stretches exercises and will help you a lot. or watch YouTube videos, the most important things challenge your self
Kathryn Q.
I would say do some basic yoga stretches everyday. Like the cat stretch and touch your toes everyday. It doesn’t have to be a lot but doing it can make you feel better and make flexible
Thea W.
I don't know the physical exercise to become fit…but I can say one thing
1.write down what weight you want to gain or morf a picture like whom you want to be
2.then visualise this weight and picture for a particular date
3.atlast the belief is most important thing.if u believe u can,then the entire process come to u day by day… don't worry
Tristan X.
I am a person that has just done a little bit every day so I never lose it. That being said I realised my ankles aren't flexible so I added those into my daily stretching routine and whenever I have to wait near a step, I stretch them out.