How do you manage to do the stretch break at work?

Byron T.
It's important to stretch out regularly at work, especially if you're working at a desk or counter job. Lay your shame by the wayside and just go for it! It's only 60 seconds, after all.

Ashley P.
I am lucky that my work place encourages stretching due to the physical work we do. Also in the toilets there are benches and room to move which is a handy spot.

Wayne U.
Well personally, i dont have a job, i am still a student just now going into high school. But for some advice maybe during your break (or lunch time for me) go to a seperate place from everyone else (or form your own group of people to stretch with so its not as awkward) and stretch there. Yes, it may be awkward, but sometimes pushing through awkward situations have the best outcome for/in the future.

Jordan S.
Haha, you may or may not like this answer, I go into the washroom during my break. Or, depending where you work, I find a fairly vacant spot (like parking lot, trail, park) I go there during lunch and stretch before I eat.

Ot Lia G.
Whenever I refill my water bottle or go to the bathroom or whatever, I take the time to stretch my arms towards the ceiling, pull my legs up to my chest, or whatever I have a few seconds for and notice there’s tension in.