What type of benefits have you noticed from stretching, if any? And which stretches do you recommend?

Kenneth Mitchelle
I believe stretching is an entry point to start exercising at the gym eventually. Yoga stretches (like cobra pose or dolphin) pose are helping me best.

Julia Carlson
I like to do knees to chest, single knee to chest, hip stretch, hamstring stretch and a whole body – i always feel better after so it helps loosen the joints!

Angelo Faure
Stretching from the legs all the way up to my neck makes the blood in my body pump everywhere, therefore brings oxygen there and energizes me! While breathing deeply, I like to start by stretching my neck and rolling my head. Then i roll my shouldets up and around, then the whole arm. I finish by stretching the back of my legs. If I have time, energizing yoga is a great way to start the day.

Noah Thomsen
Stretching relives tension. I feel more present in my body and in the moment/ not as preoccupied by past or future.
I recommend following the stretching routine included in the fabulous app- under the “make me fabulous “ setting. It’s been good for me!

Josephine Melchior
For me who has psoriatic arthritis and neuropathy, NO CRAMPS! (Yes, that's worth yelling for!). It completely warms my muscles and joints for a much more comfortable work out. Besides the loosening of joints and muscles, the stretching almost becomes like a pre-exercise pep rally. It pulls some kind of trigger to mean "time to exercise," both mentally and physically to do my very best for today

Regina Kim
I like stretching because it improves my overall posture and makes me more mindful of movements I make or cannot make.
I lie on my front with one leg crossed under my tummy and the other straight then lie down and feel the stretch in the glut. I lift my arm and bend at the shoulder the n push back on the elbow so the shoulder is stretched. I stand with straight legs and bend in half to reach my ankles, each time trying to fold so my chest becomes closer to my thighs. Then a few side stretches and that’s it! Enjoy🙌🏽😁