What stretches do you do in the morning and evening? How do they benefit you?

Nikolaj N.
I did the 10 minute stretch following the instructions on here but it's too much, it contains yoga positions for someone with much more flexibility than me. Something to work towards but bit disappointing To See how limited my body Is and to acknowledge my lack Of range of movement and strength. Also a bit too much pressure on my neck, which is suffering a bit from arthritis at the moment.
Maybe I need to do less first but vtgisbisthe workout/stretch that comes up
Joshua U.
I start by lying down and feeling into my body. I notice the tensions inside, both physical and emotional. I meet myself there and love myself deeply and completely as I wholly am right now. I think stretch from my head to my toes wherever I feel tension, holding each stretch for 30 seconds. Focus on steady deep breaths. I continue to stretch out all the tension and don't stop shaking out my body reveals no tension remaining