What is your stretch habit? I use the fabulous 10 minute and a few 3, 5 and 10 minute stretch routines I found on YouTube.

Carolyn Silva
I prefer to stretch freely through the day, without a restricted time to do so. It’s too fickle to not be an all day thing as the motions of the day go.

Ronnie Stone
I kind of just stretch out whatever feels like it needs it most immediately. Maybe not the best process but it's better than nothing!

Kristin Roberts
I use a few of the basic stretches from the fabulous series. Simple things like reaching down to the floor or lifting your arm over to one side. Those are a few I use.

Osnaura Fernandes
I usually stretch by following another fitness app that I have, but I always try to stretch the muscles I used the most in my exercise or the ones that are hurting/feeling stuck.

Louisa Carpentier
A mix of the fabulous 10 minute and some other apps such as yoga. I find the fabulous 10 min stretching quite intense if it’s been a long day. Would be good for a 5 min stretch routine too.

Silvio Fenske
Since I did sports, I found that reaching down to your toes first is a good choice to stretch out everything. Then I focus on stretches for my legs then stretches for my arms. But YouTube videos are very good to educate yourself on different stretches so then later you can make it your own.

Laurine Picard
Old fashioned stretches … like the ones used in athletics. Stretch the legs… stretch the arms … stretch the core. I stretch for one minute three times a day with this app.