What do you do in 1 minute for stretching?

Aenne F.
For my one minute stretch I do a warm up I learned from dance class in high school. It is a basic warm up stretch involving your back, spine, hips, legs, and arms and neck.
Bruce R.
While still in bed, I reach my hands and feet as far apart as I can. Then I do a supine twist left and right. Once out of bed, I reach my hands up as high as possible and bend left and right while keeping my core engaged. I try to encorporate some yoga-type poses.
Mia R.
So far I have followed the stretch guide on the fabulous app but am wanting more variety and more hip and hamstring stretches. I have found a few routines on pinterest I am going to try. Hopefully I can start to feel my body releasing over the next few days/weeks.
Lucas X.
I stretch for 5-10 mins because 1 min seems quite a pointless goal to be honest. And i can do with longer stretching sessions as im terribly inflexible
Lucas W.
I do a hamstring stretch for 20 secs, a side stretch for 20 secs, and I spend the last 20 secs on stretching whichever part of my body seems to hold the most tension.
Aaron F.
Since I stretch in the morning, I do whatever I feel my body needs after sleeping. For me, this means stretching out my shoulders and back. I usually clasp my hands behind my back for 30 seconds to stretch out my shoulders (a really good one to do if you sleep on your side or have poor posture) and then bend at the waist and let my arms dangle for 30 seconds as a lower back release. I often roll my neck around while doing these as well because I can get a stiff neck from sleeping.
Dolores O.
I have a foam roller with a special channel cut out for your spine. I slowly roll it up and down my spine, then do a few crunches and reverse crunches on it. Using it has made my vertabrae articulate in a way they haven't in years. I do the same foam rolling as part of my evening routine as well.
Silke F.
Depends, sometimes I focus on one body area, shoulders, hamstrings, etc. Sometimes I stretch more than one. I hold every stretch for 2 full deep breaths. 4 in 4 out.
Terry F.
Stand still and move your shoulders up and back like a circle slowly together for 10 times.
Stretch your neck slowly to the left, right, forward and back, but always return to center first!
Tilt your head with the ear toward the shoulder and hold the tilt for 20-30 seconds. Focus on your breathing and relaxing your neck and shoulder muscles during this time.
Be sure that while your head is tilted back, you keep your jaw relaxed and even let your mouth fall open just a bit.
Greg T.
I follow the one minute stretch routine by doing down. I find it really useful. In the last few days I have added some other stretches to fit my needs