Do you have any good exercises for stretching hip flexors? Or for stretching your back and shoulders?

August Z.
Stand with both legs at hip width apart, step left foot back about 10in on the ball of your foot then press hips forward. Repeat on right side.

Kneel on ground with one leg up lean forward, but do not let your knee go over your toe.

Sit in ā€˜sā€™ shape then lay down. You can switch legs lying down or sit back up and switch.

Jonathan Y.
For stretching shoulders, clasp your hands behind your back and straighten your elbows until you feel a stretch. You can also combine this with a forward fold for a really nice stretch.
Herminia O.
Lay on your back and pull your right foot on your left knee. Then pull your left knee into your chest, stretching out your right hip. This feels good and relaxing.
Julio T.
I have issues with my hips, so I need to be careful with what I do. But I found a great stretch is to sit in the floor with the soles of your feet touching each other. I then bring my feet in as close to myself while keeping my back straight. I like that one because it is easy, and I find myself doing unconsciously throughout the day.

For my back I tend to do a version of position number 5 from ballet. I like how the stretch engages my whole spine.

Sergio C.
Sit on the floor in a straddle and have an item on the floor next to each leg . Lift your legs over the item back and front without your hands on the ground. It's great for stability and strengthening your hip flexors
Isabella E.
Lie on the floor and cross your legs in the shape of an L and turn the opposite direction of the leg on top. Try to look behind you. Switch sides after 30 seconds šŸ™‚
Ruby Z.
I actually have many issues with my hip flexors currently. Go into a deep lunge on one leg and stretch for a while and then stretch. if you have pain, I would drink pedialyte and roll it on a foam roller. If you want to get it right on the spot- take a lacrosse ball and lay on it right where the pain is. Stretch your back by laying directly on the foam roller.
Jamie U.
Yes, for hip flexors – lunges in all directions are great.
Back – I like to do a spine twist … you can do it seated or standing. Also for my lower back, I love laying on my back and sqeezing my knees into my chest with my arms to stretch out.
Shoulder rolls are good to begin with.
Arlene Z.
My favorite stretch is to sit very straight, raise my arms above my head and clasp my hands together as I lean back, still very straight. You should feel a stretch in your abdomen. I then collapse my arms to rest on my head and wiggle my shoulders. Hope this helps!