Share you favourite stretching technic

Joel F.
I take a deep breath and start stretching, let my body lead me. I keep on taking deep breaths so that I can get deeper into the streches whilst nourishing my body with oxygene. If i strech a long time i go through all my limbs and focuses on the stiffer areas, breathe and strech longer there. But firstly I let my body sytech out what feels best so that i tell my body im listening and are kind and wouldn't force anything.
Meghan Y.
Usually do the cow and cat stretches in yoga simply to relax my problem area in my back. Usually I meditate before and feel where my stress is at the moment and then find stretching that helps with those areas.
Beverley C.
Start buy just stretching how you feel in no particular way or position but not stretching deep. Then take a couple deep breaths and try a few deep stretches in your favorite stretching positions. Remember to breathe deeply and hold for 30 seconds.
Antonin T.
I like the posture improving stretch where you raise your hands above your head, inhale standing tall. Then exhale while reaching your arms down and back behind you. Open your chest and interlock your fingers.
Jason W.
There isn't really a profound answer to this one. I like to do dynamic stretches and a lot of the, but I also use static stretches as well because I am driven and I am looking for results. It's so motivating when you improve your flexibility even a little from where you once were or even just the muscle memory improves so that performing is less strenuous and more natural.
Malou N.
I think its the pose were you sit on your knees and your whole body is bend forward with your arms leading. Its a really relaxing position, where you stretch your upper body and arms and really open your airways.