Why is stretching important?

Diya L.
Stretching is a must for everyone! It makes our mind fresh and help us to concentrate better. Sometimes we neglect it due to work, but that shouldn't happen. We must fix a time and we should take one minute of our day for ourselves.

Isaac J.
Stretching is important cause if you don't stretch, your muscles contracts in a way that you can hurt yourself. Stretching is something you should do daily like walking for example, when you walk you're stretching your legs, when you move your fingers. Stretching is an activity you sometimes do without thinking but nowadays it's rare that we go outside to walk and even do get up from the bed. Stretching is good, before a workout, when you wake up and when you go to sleep. Stretching stretches your muscles.

Phillip E.
Stretching is important for many factors, and is very useful if doing a physical activity.
In can prevent sprains and injuries when exercising.
Then again, in order to do stretches, one needs to warm up.
Aside from that, stretching can help someone stay elastic and loosen tense muscles.
In fact when having tense muscles, stretches can serve a lot and relieve a some pain.

Dubelsa Y.
Stretching in the morning can help relieve any tension or pain from sleeping the night before by reducing the tension on your spine or any other body stiffness you are experiencing. By stretching you are actually helping your muscles relax, after lying down for a long period of time, stretching can take away any stiffness because it is elongating the muscles.
In addition, in order to fully function, you need to get blood flowing throughout your body and into your brain and stretching will help increase blood flow.
There are plenty of benefits of stretching as soon as you wake up, hope these few help!

Cameron P.
There are tons of mental and physiological reasons to stretch. It loosens your muscles and wakes them up, which makes your body feel lighter and less tired. Mentally, stretching is a great time to center yourself on your goals and intentions for the day. Long term, it can even lengthen your lifespan!

Bruno A.
To keep fascia lubricated and supple and prevent chronic back pain and such. Also helps avoid injury during exercise or strenuous labour

Ellie N.
Stretching can relax tense or tight muscles and make you less stiff and more relaxed and energized. It's good for the body and it prepares your muscles if you're going to exercise.

Manuel C.
Stretching is important to me because I think it is very useful for the body and muscles to stretch and be more "athletes" and because it is very useful.

Yasmine E.
If you don't use it you lose it. I have always been sporty and still playing basketball at 54. It keeps me feeling positive and healthy

Eliot N.
Stretching is important to let your body know that you’re ready physically and mentally to do a certain activity or to relax

Ty Z.
Improves blood circulation, feels good to ease tension from the day out of the muscles, can warm you up when you're cold, helps ease stress, a movement focused way to be mindful, and increases flexibility which makes moving feel better in general.

Mathew P.
It helps me feel more connected to my body and restart for the day and night ahead of me. I like the way it feels and plus it's good for your muscles.

Katelyn T.
Stretching is important before working out because it reduces risk for injury and helps body become more pliable, Improves posture, decrease back pain, and range of motion. After workout it enhances the flexibility and reduces muscle tension. Daily stretching is beneficial to help with range of motion and keeps muscles strong and flexible.

Dhruvi U.
Stretching is important for starting and ending the day, feeling relaxed and not being stressed with a million thoughts in your head. Making your body feel good and feel you are ready to take on the day!

Sophia T.
stretching is important because it helps you “prepare” for things like sports, so you don’t get cramps. It can decrease risk of injuries, help circulation of blood flow, helps relieve pains and aches, help stress, and so much more. Stretching has so many benefits and takes so little time.

Hunter F.
Stretching just feels good to me so doing it before bed gets me in the right mindset that I'm ready to relax and go to sleep soon.

Giovanna N.
Stretching is told as an important thing in many places. But WHY is it important?
Well, for my own experience, stretching wake your body up! Basically, when you wake up, if you stretch, it is like "wake up body, lets move and start the day!

Hartmuth O.
Stretching, beyond making you less prone to injury during the day, is also a long term investment. By stretching repeatedly and consistently, you preserve your muscles and joints for years and years to come. Ever notice how those old people in the park doing Tai Chi seem so nimble and strong compared to some others. It is because of this consistent practice of stretching and bodily discipline.

Lyssa N.
It removes a lot of tension and soreness in the body! 💛 You will feel great afterwards. Less stress, more engergized, a tad bit flexible and taller

Gabriel Z.
Stretching is really important especially before working out because it not only increases your flexibility, but it also decreases your chances of injuries.

Valentina T.
Stretching is important as it allows you to concentrate on one thing rather than have loads of different thoughts going on in your head. Stretching also allows your muscles to stay flexible and strong

Shayeste Z.
Because health of all parts of my body is my most important treasure. Stretching helps to blood circulation and all body’s members feel refreshed.

Jonas P.
Stretching is important because it wakes up the body nd the morning and prepares it for all the movement of the day. When you stretch, you also relieve tension and soreness in your muscles. Stretching also improves flexibility. While you stretch you can also feel more relaxed or reflect on your day.

Aureliana Z.
Stretching keeps the muscles flexible, strong, and healthy, and we need that flexibility to maintain a range of motion in the joints. Without it, the muscles shorten and become tight. Then, when you call on the muscles for activity, they are weak and unable to extend all the way.

Olivia O.
Stretching keeps your muscles flexible, strong, and healthy. Without it, muscles shorten and become tight, raising your risk for injury. It can also reduce stress and fix your posture!

Erin A.
Stretching releases tension. Helps you get your mind off of everything that is not right in front of you in that moment. Its very therapeutic to just focus on your body. It energizes you, makes you more grounded.