Is there such a thing as over stretching ?

Yilmaz T.
Yes, for sure. If it really hurts, your body is telling you something. Also it is not good for your muscles to over stretch with static stretches before you begin cardio or a tough strength workout. An overstretched muscle loses strength and can be injured in dynamic exercise following too much stretching.
Aribert F.
In a way, yes. Pushing too far, only stretching one area, or causing pain. In a way, no. Stretching is strengthening and lengthening. More is usually better.
H L Na E.
Not really, just poor stretching. If you stretch past the muscles limits you can damage them. Stretch smoothly and gently, hold where you first feel the muscle start to say ooooh 😂
Lauren P.
Yes of course! I actually do very light stretching in the morning while I’m still in bed and wait for my more intense stretching after my body is warm and more flexible.
Storm W.
Yes, you can over starch your muscles if you’re going to far, too hard, or too long. I try to do dynamic stretches before really setting into the stretch. If it is painful (not the good kind) I get back to what is just beyond comfortable without giving myself pain or extreme discomfort
Alison S.
Potentially, but it is more a question of stretching at the wrong time. Research has shown that static stretching ie where the muscle tissue is being elongated ahead of exercise ie where muscles are contracted is not benefical.Dynamic stretching is best before exercise and static too much. As to the question of too much its possible if done overvigorously or with incorrect technique.
Brian W.
Not nessisary over stretching but stretching past your limit and creating injuries. Stretching should bring relief not pain.
Thea Y.
It depends on what you mean. You can’t overstretch when it comes to time in the stretch, if you ask me, but you can stretch too far too fast. I’ve done a lot of yin yoga which is long, sometimes intense stretches. It’s been great for me, my top two favourite yoga style. Remember to breathe and follow your body’s movement – your felt sense. Then you won’t overstretch.
Ruben P.
No there’s not, if you mean by over stretching stretching too hard to the point where it hurts then yes that is bad. Only go as far as your body lets you and overtime you’ll be able to reach a little and little farther. Or else you’ll tear or pop a bone or body part and it won’t be pleasant.
Alo S E.
Yes, you can pull your muscles too far and end up injuring your self, you want to make sure the pain is good and not straining.
Thea C.
It depends. In my opinion you can never stretch too much, but you can "over-stretch". You can hyper extend the movement causing damage. For example, when punching, if you punch until your arm is completely straight you risk hyper-extending your arm making it painful. Only stretch to your ability never stretch more than you feel comfortable.
Loris O.
I immediately took this literally and thought no. Metaphorically, I’m not sure. Overstretching sounds like pushing yourself just beyond your comfort zone. That’s good. That’s how you get better. Very different than overcommiting. I do wonder if I tried to make too many changes too fast and that’s why I stopped my new habits.
Lucy W.
Yes but I am not completely sure though. I would stretch in the morning when you get up and before you go to bed for at least 10-15 minutes.
Christoffer F.
I wouldn’t say no but I would avoid over stretching at all costs because it would go right into pain and you want to go where you feel the stretch in your body. Stretch for 10-15 minutes a day when you first get up in the morning and before you go to bed.
Suzanne F.
Yes, depending on your genetics, you can be predisposed to joint problems related to overstretchiching. Your technique matters a great deal too. Gentle dynamic or range of motion stretching is best INMHO.
Travis Z.
Wow so that could be interpreted in a number of meanings. Over stretching my body-no not if done over time and slowly a little further each day. Stretching my mind-no its the same principle-stretching my mind a little further each day and slowly.
Andrea U.
Well if you stretch past the point of pain, then yes. If you tend to hyperextend because you have very flexible joints (I forget the name for this), then, yes. But if it is possible to stretch too much I would say no. If it is helping you, then continue to do so.
Perry J.
Hi, oh yes! Indeed there is a danger in over stretching! It can cause muscle strain and/or tears. Tendons, as well, can get damaged in the same way. I fell while playing A "vicious" game of Badminton! That was at least 20 years ago and I still need a steroid shot every few years. Three tendons in my shoulder were torn!
Please Remember! A person who is stretching MUST STRETCH TO FEEL A SLIGHT PULL IN THE AREA !!! DO NOT STRETCH UNTIL YOU FEEL PAIN. Otherwise, you are at risk of damaging these important attachments to our skeletal system.
I promise you that, in time, you will increase the stretch. I feel so much better after a stretching session.
A personal note that may or may not be good for me because I never asked about it. That being said, When I wake up in the middle of the night…..usually because my little Shih Tzu (dog, Mischief)wants to go out to do her thing, I often find it difficult to go back to sleep. So, I do stretching in bed. Afterwards, I feel great and I fall asleep. I am not suggesting that anyone else should do it. I am just fascinated that after years of poor sleep, I stretch for 15 or 20 minutes and I lie down and continue a lovely sleep.
Meanwhile, I wish you good health, great happiness and a lot of laughter in your life.
Bye Bye.
Derrick G.
I don’t think it is possible to stretch too much but over exerting yourself to stretch farther than normal you can hurt yourself and your muscles