What do you do for stretching?

Augustin T.
I do a modified version of the Sun Salutation (yoga sequence).
I start by stretching my arms straight over my head, then putting my palms together and lowering them in front of me until they’re level with my elbows. I stretch them up over my head again, this time with a little lean back.
Then I slowly bend forward and bring them all the way to the floor. I always have to bend my knees to do this, but it feels good! While touching the ground I stretch my legs by trying to straighten them. (I still can’t, but the stretch feels good and someday I’ll be able to!)
Then I put my right foot all the way behind me to go into a lunge. Then I put my back knee down and sit back on it a bit, lean forward, and straighten my front leg as much as I can. Then I switch legs and do it all again.
Next I do the ‘child’s pose’, where I sit back on my knees and lay down on top of them, stretching my arms out in front of me (remember to look down!).
Then I transition into ‘cobra’ by stretching my legs out behind me and holding myself up on my hands, pressing my hips toward the floor. (Usually I do a little side-to-side stretching here too.)
After that I go into ‘downward dog’, which is my feet shoulder width apart, legs straight as possible, hands still on the floor. You straighten your back and try to make a triangle with your legs, top half, and the floor as the 3 sides.
Lastly I step forward and go back into my touch-your-toes pose. Then I roll to standing up straight, lift my arms above my head again, and finish by bringing my palms down level with my elbows again. Namaste!

Melina E.
If you also exercise, it’s good to stretch the muscles that you use during your workout. For example, I do push-ups, so I make sure to stretch my pecs and probably my triceps. If you have any areas in which you want to increase flexibility, then stretching there is good as well. I have tight hamstrings, so I stretch those. You should probably also stretch the opposing muscles to the ones you’re stretching. I stretch my hip flexors when I stretch my hamstrings.

Isabel J.
Sometimes I do sun salutations; sometimes hip stretches & cat/cows; sometimes shoulder and wrist stretches. Some of this depends on where I am & where I’m feeling tension.