What is the best stretch for the first thing in the morning?

Gail F.
The best stretch, for me, first thing in the morning is the combination of child's pose and cat cow. I stretch directly after meditating and the child's pose is a nice, subtle transition into my stretching routine. I love how tension in my lower back melts away. Then cat cow loosens up my spine and abs, and allows me to breath deeply during the rest of my stretching routine. Ultimately the whole stretching routine, including the two mentioned above, has made me feel less pain and grogginess in the morning and the rest of the day. I hope this helps!
Lesley R.
I like to sit cross legged on the floor with my hands on my knees and rotate my torso in a big circle. Then a side stretch to each side. Then I put my hand on my opposite knee and turn gently.
Sonjala J.
I like doing leg lifts oh, they're easy to do while laying in bed! Up and down and bend your knees for some, and in a V formation. Also stretch your arms above your head and windmill them. Also it's easy to do torso twist while lying in bed. Hope this helps!
Janka T.
Stretch your back, neck, shoulders and hips. I will help your mucles and everithing to wake up and boosts your circulation.