How long do you hold each stretch for?

Katrine C.
I brush my teeth before bed … and put a foot up on the sink till I feel the leg start to loosen a little.
Same in the morning in the kitchen… on the counter while waiting for the microwave to warm whatever it is …. or I invert for pushups with both feet on edge of sink. I’m able to do about 40 now. I quit when I can’t do em quickly because I really don’t want to ache

Irina Q.
Not for long, I do a more dynamic stretching to get some movement during the day, especially when sitting at a pc all day

Roderich Q.
It really depends on how much you need it. I hold until I feel a certain amount of release in my muscle. The 3 most important things is 1) don't stretch when your muscles are cold (that is both temperature and from stagnation), so do a warm up before a workout and stretch AFTER. If you're not doing a workout then do a warmup before stretching. 2) Don't release the stretch while still feeling a tight pull because it can basically 'snap' back and sometimes end up tighter, AND 3) Listen to your body, if it feels like too much, then it is. Flexibility takes time, patience, consistency, and proper form. Cheating form in order to appear to get a deeper stretch will not do you any favors long term.

Ga L O.
I hold each stretch as long as it feels good….probably not more than 15 seconds each. I usally go through and do
them a second time.

Mara U.
Because I only stretch for one minute, I keep my body moving when I stretch. So instead of a static stretch where I am holding specific stretches for a period of time, I’m dynamically stretching my whole body. I feel it helps me a stretch the parts of my body that I wouldn’t get to if I were statically stretching.

Alberto J.
Usually when I am in a hurry I hold each strech for at least 5 seconds to have my muscles react to something. If I am not in a hurry then I would hold each stretch for at least 15 seconds so I can really feel good and start off fresh and my muscles are active.