How long should I be holding stretches, and how do you time them? I count but I can feel myself speeding up if I get tired.

Villads Mortensen
I usually hold a stretch for about 30 seconds. Rather than counting, I find it's easier to use my watch or a timer (such as one on this app). Instead of counting, I focus on my breathing, which makes it go by faster.

Dana Bennett
I'm not a expert, but I do know a thing or two about stretching and working out. With the stretches, you hold them for about 10-30 seconds. Its best to not count in you head and is better to either say it out loud or use a timer to keep time.

Arnaldo Cardoso
I use the app to keep track of my time, which is such a plus because they have the perfect meditation music. If you are not using the app and are having trouble keeping time, whip out your watch with the timer or your smartphone's built in timer to keep track.
The length of your stretch session is dependent upon you and your needs at that time. A good starting place is 5 mins. That gives you time to break down each limb and focus on them individually: My routine has been about 1 minute a piece, per limb (Both arms and legs), and a good final full body back stretch for the final minute. You may experience a time where you feel you need more stretching due to increased activity, injury or something of that nature. Don't be afraid to adjust your times as much as you see fit to reach your desired goal.

Amy Brown
a general rule of thumb is 30 sec. a nice slow relaxed count is usually best

it’s not common knowledge, but stretching shouldn’t involve exertion and strain

the focus should be on relaxing the muscles, using the same mindful techniques and skills as body scan relaxation

use the sensions of tension and tightness you feel as your guide for where to steer your relaxation efforts

the result should be be an enjoyable and calming stretching experience

Tamires Barbosa
Apps will help you here. From simple apps like Start Stretching, which guides you through a basic set of everyday stretches for 30 seconds each, to more complex stretching and yoga apps like Down Dog which provide full instruction videos – it’s much easier to follow along with an app doing the timing for you.

Yolanda Tucker
I hold my Stretches for 30 seconds and time it using an app called “Seconds timer” in order to focus on breathing deeply to fully relax my muscles. This allows it to become more of a meditation.

Harry Warren
Time specific exercises like one leg streches for 10 seconds with your phone and big streches like pike and splits for 30 second or count it with 30 deep in breaths.

Avery Robertson
I like to hold my stretches for at least 20 seconds so in that way I am not getting tired and I am still getting a proper stretch, breathe and ease yourself into it and it can become easier xx hope this helps and don't push your body to far , it needs time to ease and get better at it and go into this with a growth mindset and say I can't do it YET!!!