What stretches should I do in the morning?

Mille P.
A couple of my favorite stretches are to clasp my hands together and stretch them above my head, hold here for 10-15 seconds. Still with your arms stretched above your head, lean to the right (10-15 seconds) and the left (10-15 second). Bring your arms down and hands clasped behind your back, leaning backwards (10-15 seconds) for a heart opener. Happy stretching!
Noe C.
Basic bend forward and backwards multiple times. Anything that opens my hips such as quad stretches and etc. Sometimes I go thru a basic ballet stretch/warm up routine of pliés and bends and balance.
Rita U.
Most of the stretches I do in the morning are slightly different each day. Mostly based on yoga and those I did before soccer games. Downward facing dog and happy baby are my favorite…I feel it throughout my whole body. Makes me move in a way that I don't naturally through my daily life of work, etc.
Maria U.
I personally am a Karate practitioner so for me I find that the most important stretches are my legs especially my hamstrings and inner groin (for those high kicks…). In general for everyday wellbeing, I would say that abdominal and back (lower and upper) stretches are key as they make you feel open and well rested. Also definetly downward dog in yoga the kind of stretches where you are in extreme discomfort are the best!
Dustin Z.
You should do stretches for the arms, legs, shoulders, back, neck and feet. That way, you cover all your bases.
Selmaan A Ali
Sofie C.
I find that doing simple leg and arm stretches work very well to get you energized and flexible. I like to spread my legs as wide as I can and reach my hands as far to my toes as possible, and then reach my arms over my head to each side to give them a good stretch. Do this for about 1-2 minutes and you’ll feel great!👍🏻
Judd U.
The type of stretches that I do are ones that will not make you sore the next day. Pick ones that you are used to in the morning, and then maybe more challenging ones in the afternoon or evening.
Lic Nio Z.
From head to toe. Neck rotation. Shoulder rounds. Hamstring stretch. Stretch whole body with hands pointing to the ceiling. I point my feet, do a circle with the ankles.
Beatrice E.
I enjoy doing a variety of stretched that sum to stretching out your entire body, particularly focusing on muscle groups that will be used during the day e.g. stretching legs more if I expecting to walk all day at work