What’s your favorite stretching exercise?

Eileen P.
calf stretches which is basically when you press your hands and weight against the wall. you push your leg (whatever leg you want to stretch) and push your heel on the ground. it’s basically a lunge while pushing against a wall. good luck 🙂
Stella Y.
The one I like the most is heel touch because it works my hamstrings the most and I've always wanted to touc my toes so working directly towards that feels good.
Vladimiro P.
I like stretches that’s relieve back pain because I struggle with that. I lay on the floor on my back and twist my legs to the side so it stretches out my back.
Evelyn Z.
I like to do front and side split. It’s also good to stretch the hamstrings with downward dog. You can stretch the back of your feet being adopting the same pose as runners on the starting block.
August Z.
I love to do a bit of yoga to stretch out as it’s also typically a core strengthening workout as well. I enjoy doing the windmill stretch as it seems to stretch out my hips and sides which is where I’m the tightest.