When do you like to stretch? I prefer in the morning once I’m out of bed.

Sandy C.
I think I like to stretch whenever I can. Granted it's not like a 5 or 10 minute stretch but it still helps. If I'm doing a full stretch I like to do it before I eat lunch. I'm not a morning person.
Zerlezar N.
Usually I like to stretch after I woke up, brushed my teeths and drank my morning tea. I usually work early in the morning so I don't get to do the whole routine, so I just stretch while brushing my teeths.
Osmar F.
To be quite honest, I have only stretched once, the other times I just did my practices and work-out. Tomorrow first thing I am going to do is stretch! Good luck on your journey
Karen Z.
My body needs me to stretch first thing in the morning. Ive been suffering from morning pain and stiffness if i lie too long, the morning stretch really sends to help.