I need modivation to strench. Everytime I see the alarm I disregard it. This especially bad considering I am an athlete.

Amina Q.
At the beginning it wasn't easy to stick to my plan, sometimes I would find excuses to walk away, but with this application, I get a reminder and I force myself to do it, then I feel happy when I see the item checked on my list and hear the sound it makes. And now it became a habit, if I don't strech, I don't feel good, my body forces me to do it. Good luck
Amy Z.
The first thing you do when getting out of bed, you should stretch for at least a minute to get your day started. Then for sure before exercising force yourself to stretch and think about how you can get injured by not stretching. 5 minutes is good enough to stretch and essential.
Laura N.
If the alarm doesn’t work, then leave it and think about what will.

What is stopping you from doing them? Can you change the way you think about them so doing them is more attractive to you? Maybe reward yourself by doing something you love afterwards.

Is it the environment you’re doing them in? Do you need to change anything? (Maybe limited I know right now during the pandemic) but maybe it’s pushing the sofa back or blasting on some music that gets you going.

Maybe try a live stretching video so you’re doing it with other people at the same time.

Kenzie G.
In an athlete as well, I play softball. So especially after a long night at a tournament, I definitely don't want to wake up for my early morning games. And even now, it's hard to get up sometimes, but you just have to stay strong. You're tired, but push yourself to get up. Be mentally tough!! That's the first step!