I like to do yoga outside if the weather is nice. Is there a normally indoor exercise that you like to perform in nature?

Mary Mitchell
I enjoy most exercises that I do inside better if I do it outside because of the fresh air. Specifically any kind of cardio like running or jumping jacks I prefer to do outside rather than inside.

Klothilde Scherer
Just bicycling, but I no longer own a bike. So walking or jogging outside around the neighborhood or at a local park is my time with nature. I want to try & get back to rollerblading but haven’t yet found a smoothly paved sidewalk in my area & it’s not as much fun to do alone as well.

Michelle Stanley
My schedule tends to be 8am to 6pm at work which is when doing exercise would be best living in Hawaii. I also need to tend to my now 3 rescued hunting dogs and cats. So i make walking with the dogs and playing with them my time outside either 6am to 7am and evening if i am notbtoo tired as it takes time to feed and clean up after them as. washe there dishes etc. So i lift weights when reading and watching you tube. I also do other indoor exercises.