What does stretching do after workout?

Rodney Bell
Stretching post-workout really helps prep your muscles to both cool down and lengthen after high energy activity. It's important to do so to prevent injury, and before your workout as well. It gives your muscles the signal to warm up so they are more pliable and receptive. Plus: it feels really great!

Aubin Thomas
Aftet a workout stretching helps my body to feel relaxed and realived. This method is good for our body, knowing that working out is so hard for some pupils but for others "it's a piece of cake"

Ray Rice
I am not sure that I am the one to answer that question. I am not a physiotherapist or one that knows what another should do.
Personally, I am a very older person than you and I have physical and some mental problems. I am better at answering mental questions because I have suffered from that ever since I can remember. I have studied Psychology, at length, gone to Psychiatrist over decades and they could never reach me to discuss several trauma issues in my early childhood and teens.
That being said, at 81, I have many problems and cannot do the exercises recommended for the usual member of The Fabulous. Instead, everyday, I do a routine made especially to allow me to stretch my muscles instead of the usual exercises. I have a routine that takes an hour to do. I so enjoy it that I feel refreshed when I finish.
In the summer, I go into the pool for exercises, stretches and floating while meditating, over an almost two hour routine. I often fall asleep during the floating. I Don't like to perspire, as I do on dry land. In the pool, I know that I am perspiring but, I don't feel hot and dirty after exercising. We use a salt pool water but, it is does not taste salty and it does not ruin my bathing suit.
So, my best answer to you would be that just as in jogging or running, you should stretch your muscles before your workout to warm up your muscles and stretch again to cool down but I think the main reason is that when you are doing a strenuous workout the muscles are stretched a lot from any anaerobic workout and it is important to cool down slowly. It is not good to just stop in a second. I have never been in a position to do anorobic exercise because of being very overweight most of my life. The funny thing is I found out that I have severe kidney disease and I lost a kidney, which shriveled. MY one kidney was at 21% function. At 15%, one is on dialysis and is looking for a kidney transplant! Actually, I lost my appetite and Sense of taste two years before I found out about my kidney! So, I was losing weight long before, somebody else diagnosed my condition. I have lost over 90 pounds, got physically active and followed the kidney diet. Now, my kidney function fluctuates between 38% -28%, with a few 21%, when I really feel sick, I get nauseous ànd then, I stop eating and drinking water.
That is only one of the reasons of why we need water! If you feel dry in the mouth and you feel that you want to drink…….you are already dehydrated.
I Don't know if I helped you. I hope I gave you my thoughts about the need to do some stretches while cooling down to not shock the muscles. AND DRINK WATER!!!
Enjoy being a member of The Fabulous! They are a great company and so eager to help us. Here's to good health, happiness MERRY CHRISTMAS . BYE BYE.

Meires Peixoto
Help protect your muscles and helps promote being more flexible. Also percents any post muscle cramping. Be sure to drink plenty of water during and after workouts!

Aribert Tremmel
Helps to reduce tightening of the muscles and tendons that might affect posture and produce backbor neck pain. Helps reduce muscle stiffness.

Rasmus Andersen
Reduces pain , increases flexibility , reduces risk of injury

Jeremy Hansen
i happen to know a great deal about this stemming from my combination of my BSME degree, being an elite amateur athlete, and my general curiosity of such things

anyway, the facia that forms a sheath around every muscle fiber, fiber bundle, and muscle, is like the yellow goo that skin oozes to form a scab. it can take the form of a slippery fluid or a crystaline solid

over time, if a joint is not being used to its full extent, the portion of muscles not being used will be immobilized by the fluid solidifying

stretching after exercise serves to restore the solidified fascia back to liquid. by doing so, the ability of the muscle to move is restored

the warth of the muscles and body post-exercise helps to melt the crystalized fascia just the same as warmth helps to melt ice

i hope this helps to answer your question

Hermes Carvalho
Nothing much. It s usually best to do it before the workout so that you get your system going and start burning more callories. Also it s best to do it in the morning so you get a kick start of your day.

Marcílio Aragão
I didn't work out but I did stretch to he LLP p with flexibility. I feel better and more relaxed

Kelly Wallace
After a workout it allows the body to fully 'breathe' into the movement. In my past experience as an athelthe, stretching after a race or workout is the release and easing the mind back into the capacity of the body. To me, it's a mindful act too. It is mindful because you get to feel where you are tired, where there is still tension, and also how limber and warm you are. it's a truly alive moment to recognize the body for all it can do for us and a chance to give back to it .

Séléna Leroy
It lengthens the muscles again which have been contracted during workout. This avoids them getting shorter over time and increases flexibility. You'll also get less muscle burn.

Danielle Carr
It relieves the muscles and prevent joint pain and soreness after workout

Toni Mitchelle
It lets my muscles have some release from being strained while exercising. It also gives me time to warm down, contemplate my work out, and refresh.

Mae Deschamps
Stretching helps me relax and sooths my aching body. I always releases a feel good feeling, and sometimes it gives me energy when i am tired.

Jeffery Thompson
Stretching is super important in maintaining muscle flexibility and avoiding injury. And it also feels great!

Angel Fox
I feel like it calmes my body. It gives a message that the work is done and that everything can heal properly. It also helps prevent sore muscles

Emily Kristensen
It gets your body relaxed, and your mindl, also your muscles relaxed as well. It also gets you prepared for the rest of the day to get better sleep.

Clyde Wheeler
Helps to prevent soreness and cramping. Helps to keep body limber.

Eli Da cunha
I think it relieves your muscles of the workout tension, avoiding feeling stiff afterwards. It might be also a good indicator to your body that the exercise is over.

Hans-gerhard Löwe
It reduces the pain in your muscles by releasing lactic acid 😊

Addison Scott
Well right I'm not to sure I never used to stretch after work. I just recently started and so far it seems to help me unwined from the work day ask me again in a few weeks and I'll have a better answer.

Kurt Horton
Your body will get more flexible, not easily get tired, and feel.. Idk, there's something about stretching that I can't explain, but it feels gooddddd

Gina Jennings
Stretching helps reduce lactic acid accumulation which is responsible for the tenderness and pain we feel from exercise. It also helps increase our flexibility, which will reduce as we age without mindful intervention.

Clinton Walker
It helps you feel more warmed up or stretched. It helps you so after your workout you wouldn't be as sore. It helps you feel not as tense and more relaxed and loose.

Lærke Andersen
I stretch after my workouts to relax my back. I had back surgery and it's important that I stretch every day to maintain my flexibility. I also use the time to reflect and have positive affirmations for my upcoming day!

Jonas Stamm
Maintain flexibility. Avoid injuries. Reduces muscle soreness.

Giuliana Moreira
When you work out, your breaking down muscle tissue to then let it regrow back stronger. By stretching during and post work out you’ll ensure longer muscles instead of shorter bulky ones plus improve flexibility which will allow you to improve upon strength and other exercises

Jacob Andersen
It helps you relax the muscles that you’ve put pressure on during the exercise and decreases the likelihood of muscle pain the day after. It’s kind of like meditation for your muscles.

Irene Woods
Stretching after a workout helps move the lactic acid out of your muscles, on the physical side. On the mental side, stretching helps you transition from exercise to the next activity.

Deborah Mckinney
Helps me reflect on my workout, allows me to cool my muscles down in a safe way and prevents stiffness from settling in.

Heinz-josef Mühlbauer
Loosens up the muscles and prevents soreness the next day. Especially with sore muscles it relieves tightness and you feel more flexible.

Logan Robert
Stretching after a workout is good because once you've exercised u can stretch and that will clear your mind. Also it will help with flexablity and it will help you relax a lot better than not stretching after a workout.

Roberta Morris
It helps keep me limber. It also stretches necessary muscles to help me avoid lower back pain. Stretching is actually more important than cardio and weight training. So, make sure to stretch every day!

Gary Perez
Stretching after workout keeps my muscles from cramping. Having a cramp in the muscle is very painful. I remembered not stretching after workout. As a result, I caught one in my calf muscle in the middle of the night. The pain was so excruciating because the muscle was contracting.

Mathew Hanson
It mostly reduces your risk of having sore muscles after a workout by letting down your muscles gently and not all at once. It also helps to get the blood flow back to a normal level so that you’re all set for the rest of the day

Ruben Harvey
Stretching after a workout helps your muscles to recover from the exertion you just put them through, reduces the likelihood or soreness, and gives your heart a few moments to slow back down, and your mind some time to contemplate and congratulate.

Steve Henry
It's helps me to get more comfortable such as calmness and powerful mind and body

Frida Madsen
After a hard workout you need to slow it down and I believe stretching after exercise can really help muscles to relax. It's better than ending with hard workout moves.

Julian Peterson
You warm up to start off, then exercise and you may not feel like you need to stretch after but delayed onset muscles can cause you to feel the pain later. So it's always best to do long stretches after working to cool down and work on flexability if that is something you need/want to do.

Thomas Castillo
During a workout, lactic acid builds up in your muscles. Stretching after your workout helps to release some of that acid. The reason this is important is because the next day, your body won't hurt as much! Lactic acid is what causes soreness after working out.
Also stretching increases the flexibility you have, which in turn will help you to not injure yourself during your workout. It's also a great way to cool down after a workout. Remember, don't push yourself too hard oh, that's how you get hurt.

Carolyn Murphy
I'm not a fitness expert, so I'm not going to be able to give a detailed on answer in what biological processes happen during a post-workout stretch. However, I am a diligent stretcher after my workouts. Heck, I love stretching in general! I have learned in years past that I get very sore if I skip stretching, which keeps me from working out the next time because I felt like I'd need more recovery time. But when I stretch following workouts, it drastically cuts down on the discomfort I feel the next day following a tough workout. I'm better able to stick to my routine with no pains and minimal soreness.

Alex Herrera
It helps to make sure that your muscles don't tighten up after exercise. Also, it's better done when your muscles are already warmed up from exercise. It reinforces the opening and lengthening work of the exercise and the stretch both. It also helps to ground and centre you after vigorous exercise.

Jeremiah Snyder
It stretches your muscles after all the exercise you just did. It makes the muscle less tense and helps with the soreness you’ll have( if you just started to work out).

Albert Thomsen
It can reduce muscle fatigue and improve workout