What are the best stretches to do in the morning to wake up your muscles?

Evangelia X.
I start with child’s pose to ease into the stretching. Then move to cat pose two or three to get my back warm. On my knees I stretch my arms high above my head in a slow circular movement like sun salutation several times. Then I stretch each arm separately across my body under my chin. This is when I also stretch my hands and clench my fists several times.
Ken R.
Overhead stretch, lace fingers together and raise hands above your head, palms up. Straighten spine and hold for at least 10 seconds. Stretch neck and shoulders by rotating head and neck clockwise and counterclockwise
Laila S.
Be gentle with your sleepy body, don’t push it by attempting anything too strenuous or sudden. Start by slowly moving your head and neck around in a circular motion. Feel where is uncomfortable after your night’s sleep and massage those muscles with your hands. Take your time to slowly stretch high into the air, and gently fold to stretch your back and hamstrings. Shoulder extensions leaning against a wall or door, slow hand clasps behind your back, and easy low lunges will help to wake your muscles gradually. Take care!
Derrick P.
A basic yoga sun salutation. Good stretches all around and you can do 1 or 2 repetitions List of free yoga apps to walk you through.
Lionel X.
Well in the morning you should do some arm stretches to wake those arms up and this also helps you feel lighter because you willl FEEL WAY MORE refreshed also do some leg or yoga stretches
Lylou Z.
I stretch while still in the bed – lying on back, bend knee, move over across body to/indirection of opposite shoulder while turning head in opposite direction- hold a few seconds, the other knee, etc. Then bring bender knees to chest and hold. Then turn over on stomach, push up with arms, head back, to stretch front of body. Then when standing on floor, very slowly lean over, legs straight, to stretch back of legs.