What kind of moves are you doing concerning your back?

Myrtle N.
Usually what I do is i start of my feet. I put my legs together and reach down to my ankles for about 5-8 seconds. Then I reach further down and touch the floor and hold it for another 5-8 seconds.
Next I place my feet no more that hip width apart and I reach down in between them and hold it. After that I reach to my left ankle and try to place my head to my knee. I’ll then hold it and reach back to the middle and repeat it on my left leg. I’ll then sit on the floor with both my legs in front of me and then touch my toes and hold it. Next I will point my toes and reach for my ankles with my legs almost touching the floor and try to place my head on my knees. Next I will go to a wall and do a back bend three times and hold it for the third time . For the last move I do a downward dog three times and then I’m done!😁