What are some of the best areas to stretch?

Brianna U.
Because of the problems that I have, I love to stretch my back, which releases a lot of tension and makes it easier to walk and move throughout my day.
Kasper F.
Stretching my neck, shoulders and torso are very helpful since I am looking down a lot at work. I also like to stretch my legs when I’ve been sitting too long
Victoire Y.
I would definitely stretch the muscles in your neck, sides, back of your knees and hips/where your thighs meet your hips. Remember to take your time with stretching, breathing in fully and breathing out slowly as you gently stretch a little bit further. Also remember to stretch any part of you that may be sore or uncomfortable. Hope this helps. 🙂
Isaac Z.
I like to stretch all parts of my body but I do put a lot of emphasis on my arms and legs. The legs especially because sore legs aren’t fun and there is some potential of getting a sprain when you don’t stretch your legs before exercising.
Mildred F.
In bed before you get up. Putting shoes on. Reaching for that thing on the top shelf. No I’m joking. I would say somewhere that brings you peace and calmes you down. Somewhere safe.
Dilan E.
I am sure it depends. I find I have right hamstrings so I focus on that. I also have been working to open up my hips and ankles so I incorporate that as well
Hebe E.
Well now that depends on where you are tight. Through meditation you will become aware of where you keep holding tension. Once you have found those area, look up stretches on-line or in the library. I would target these areas first and then move on to other areas as you feel more and more comfortable. If your tight all over. Look for a full body stretching routine.
I hope this helps. 😀
Idavide C.
The back and legs. You can prevent future back problems by stretching both and you can do more walking and running when you stretch your legs.