What time of day is the best for stretching?

Bg R.
Any time is a good time for a nice stretch! I stretch in the morning and again once I am home from work.

I wake up, drink a cup of water and move around a bit to get the muscles acclimated to moving, warmed up a little. Then I do a stretch session.

Come home from work and shower, and while my body is still warm I do the same routine. You could maybe switch it up and do different stretches at different times of the day?

Fitore O.
They say that when you go to bed and when you wake up in the morning is the best way to stretch.But any time can be okay.
Corina U.
if you have trouble sleeping for any reason before you get in bed and as soon as you wake up. also anytime after you've been sat down a while and after exercise is really important!
Nuria N.
In my opinion i think it’s a when you get out bed in the morning. Once you I have been still laying on my out bed your body need to stretch and fully awaken.