Do you practice breathing deeply while you stretch?

Renae E.
No not currently. It is something I want to incorporate once I start exercising frequently. Remember to breathe is always important.
Michael N.
Yes. Try to at least get to where you can hold a 4×4 square breath for the duration of each stretch. 4 second inhale, 4 hold, 4 exhale, 4 hold. Ease up slightly on the inhale and go deep on the exhale.
Sara N.
I do but sometimes I forget because I put too much focus on the physical aspect of it and ignore the spiritual aspect. I should stop doing that though because, wow, stretching can sometimes be such an awe-striking experience!
Linn O.
Yes, definitely! It's also important to me that the stretching goes to the rythm of my breath.
Deep breathing helps relaxing the muscles I want to stretch, and it increases both circulation and oxygen flow and therefore reduces risk of injury. The most important reason is however the effect it has on stress and my mental health. It reduces stress, both in the mind and body. It triggers the production of endorfines, which is one of the hormones that makes us feel good about our selves.
I prefer stretching inspired by yoga, specifically medi-yoga and other slow yoga forms. For me stretching is as much about rinsing my mind and body from negativity and stress, as it is about gaining flexibility!
Enjoy you slow stretch and notice how calm it makes you feel!

Best regards Linn!

Sabrina Y.
Yes I do. While stretching the main and most important things is to breath deeply and relax, feel which muscles need stretching and feel the muscle releasing tension. Feel yourself becoming more flexible and feel better with more mobility.