Where in your morning routine do you place stretching?

Robin Levy
After exercise! First I drink water, brush my teeth and floss, then I exercise. It's best to stretch after exercise – stretching cold muscles isn't good for them

Lance Davidson
As soon as I drink water. It helps to kick start the day into motion and allows me to focus on my next goal of eating a healthy breakfast or meditating for 5 minutes. All because I am more awake right after.

Shavon Gallant
Normally I stretch right after getting out of bed but sometimes I rather drink a glass of water first and stretch after, right before the morning exercise.

Sarah Wighton
I do a downward dog when I get out of bed before I do anything else. That way I can’t forget. If I’m really tight I’ll do warrior 2 pose as I love how that makes me feel

Angelina Guerin
after breakfast but before morning pages…..i find it nice to stretch in my kitchen while my toast or eggs are cooking and my coffee is on the stove. even five minutes makes a huge difference to how i feel during the day (and ill continue to stretch here and there until bedtime)

Annedore Sorg
Right after I wake up, I’ll grab a bottle of water. Right after that is when I’ll place my yoga mat on the floor and start my morning yoga routine. This allows me to stretch out anything that could hold me back throughout the day.

Clara Neves
I only need to wake up at 7am,but I chose to wake up earlier so that I could fit the stretching and meditation, it actually feels better to wake up earlier and feel for the rest of the day that I already accomplished something