Is just 1 minute stretch enough ?! (:

Kenzi J.
Short answer: Yes!
Long answer: If your goal is to start a new stretching routine, I'd strongly recommend to start every day with just one minute of stretching. Do it the first thing after you get out of bed. Do it every day for one week. Then after a week, you can add one or two more minutes to the stretching and slowly build up a solid routine. Enjoy!
Iza P.
Because i dont do it at all,yes 1 minute is enough.i think moving the time up,just a few days later is a great option though
Karen U.
It doesn't feel like enough. 🙂 Personally, I do more than just a minute. But not until the point where I'm doing a full session, I think the point of that 1 minute habit is to build the good habit of a quick stretch, instead of just rushing thru your day.