How can doing yoga help me?

Hannah F.
Yoga is really helpful in that it calms you down and relaxes you, and if done correctly can even double as a fun workout!

Gildo Q.
It can help you with connecting to your spiritual self, simply by breathing. You can follow your breath and slow down, tune into your body and mind and feel the sensations that you don’t necessary sense when you’re in the middle of rushing to places. It also helps your body to stretch, relax and build a solid core. It is basically amazing, I am just getting into doing it regularly. 🙂

Jen J.
Here are some of the benefits I’ve experience from yoga

– calms the body and mind leaving me more focused
– stretches parts of my body that I usually don’t pay attention to. I ad no idea just how stiff my body really is
– really the breath is life as it restores our cells, provides focus and energy
– Believe or not yoga aids me with bowel movements which is a direct relationship to my deep breathing. I have often felt the need to go during or right after yoga

Philip C.
Yoga strengthens the mind and body at the same time.

Its a good way to escape and free your mind.

Also, tracking your progress, as you improve each pose week to week leaves you feeling proud.

Victoria O.
Solely depends on the kind of yoga. Yoga can add flexibility or strength or teach you some breathing methods. Generally it gives you better sense of your own body and a moment for yourself.

Fred Y.
Toga helps you become strong in your body without high impact. Depending upon which type of yoga you practice, it can also help you manage stress, as you learn different types of breathing. Don’t sweat if you’re not super flexible as most poses—asanas—-can be adapted to suit most bodies. Yoga is not about force, it’s about working with, coaxing the body to achieve strength and grace and power.

Elisabeth T.
It probably won't. It's a silly concept that people just associate with improvement, like associating wearing glasses making you smarter.

Sandro C.
Yoga can help you calm your mind, especially as it teaches being quiet and patient with yourself. It also is great for stretching out your body, and it’s not too high intensity to the point that you hurt yourself.

Dion Ia A.
In so many ways. If you make it a consistant practice it can improve flexibility and strength and like with all healthy exercise it promotes a healthy focused mind and relieves stress. There are different types of yoga so its a good idea to go to a few different styles and instructors of classes to find what supports your goals and needs.

Pauline F.
Yoga has a couple of different components that makes it very beneficial for people of all ages. It increases flexibility, helps to tighten muscles and increases blood flow throughout the body. Like meditation, there can also be a spiritual aspect which blends body and spirit.

Rosa F.
Yoga will relieve your stress, help you sleep better, and if you are sick it will help you with your sinuses if you are doing forward folds and a downward facing dog. The other thing yoga does it will stretch you out and help you feel happy and calm as well as relaxed.