Have you found that stretching is improving your posture or is it wishful thinking?

Druso F.
I haven’t really noticed but I think it definitely will improve posture overtime, as long as you have the right technique and form while doing the stretches.
Patricia S.
Stretching for me releases the stress of the day. The knots have a way of hiding. Finding the best stretch for those is like chasing a dream
Wolfhard U.
Stretching really makes a difference, i am able to stand up better and walk better. I am able to release my shoulders pain giving me more flexibility in my neck therefore improving my posture
Alex Z.
Not Sure if the actual stretching is improving my posture though the more I stretch the more agile feel the more agile feel the more I want to sit up straight and so yeah I guess to some degree it does help
Mathew N.
It is definitely helping. I am active and also practise Alexander Technique, but the stretching is helping me stay grounded and open.
Neil P.
This first few days has definitely encouraged me to be more conscious of my posture but I wouldn't go as far to say that it's improved it yet. I can see how when it's for longer and a part of my routine it will definitely help though
Ildo P.
Stretching for long periods at a time can certainly improve posture. In dance, posture is essential and we stretched for roughly a third of our class time each week. Even though it can feel like a pain, it’s totally worth it.