My shoulders are crazy tight but not well served by the classic stretches. Have any small muscle stretches you love?

Alfred Y.
Yes. I do a yoga pose. Where you stand on one leg while supporting it with the other foot touching the standing knee. Then i stretch my arms all the way above my head and point them to the sky
Christian U.
The stretch I love to do when my muscles are tight is a wide legged childs pose. It helps stretch out the back, shoulders, arm, even your thighs. I use it after I have a hard workout day.
Cecilie W.
I have found that sometimes it’s not always something you can stretch out, sometimes it takes a little more. I would try working on your posture, stretching daily, and exercising will get you started. When exercising the area, find the area that seems tight and work the muscles, tendons, etc. The purpose of this is to strengthen the area so that the different pieces of your shoulder will find their places and hold together better. Also, a better diet could be needed if you aren’t getting the nutrients you need, this causes your body to weaken and cause injury.