Why do you use Fabulous?

Malthe Madsen
I use fabulous so that I have something I’m accountable to. I can make lists and plan things all I want but the follow through isn’t a strong suit of mine if there’s no specific reason to complete a task. I find myself procrastinating a lot. Having a checkbox to tick off that I can’t flub as easily as on paper is helpful for me.

Isauro Mendes
Because it’s reminds me to take some time for myself everyday. Fabulous helps me get a better routine. It may be the most helpful app ever.

Margaux Picard
I use fabulous because I want to live a life that is enjoyable, starting my day with the right foot and slowly working towards a better day, everyday, leaving behind non productive habits and ways

Charlene Roberts
Community spirit
Positive Habit building
Science backed

Rosalyn Owens
I wanted something that would help me track my progress toward my goals and offer solid advice and gentil prodding when I need it.

Charlene Perkins
I use this cause it helps me reflect on important things in my life; with stge 4 cancer, i trully look at my life everyday & what i can do to make it more meaningful to me now & not waste it on superficial things.
Have a powering day everyone!!!!😀

Arcádio Moreira
So that I can try an make a change in my life. It's really great to have something to remind me I have small goals I want to meet.

Vilar Castro
Building a routine into my day has better helped me to feel prepared in the morning and relaxed in the evening. I've also felt much calmer and more productive

Alice Martin
I'm trying to get my life in a place that makes me feel balanced and good. Things have been overwhelming and hard. I'm working on becoming a better me.

Gabriel Meyer
I didn't learn how to live a healthy life, not in my family nor school among my friends. But I couldn't bare living like that, I have lots of bad habits that don't benefit me in any way, I've always been trying to add healthy habits and routines to my life, I've failed a lot and at times I've been successful but I have never stuck with a good habit like daily exercise or reading, recently I lost the main obstacle that was occupying a big area of my thoughts, so now I'm using Fabulous to finally put together the empowering habits that I need to assist me in achieving my life's goals

Magliane Nunes
I learned about Fabulous over a year ago but I wasnt internally ready to change. I downloaded it several times but never stuck to my goals. I'm in a different place now mentally, sort of fed up with not achieving personal goals that directly benefit me. I'm great at achieving goals to help others and helping others get on track but my self care has been inconsistent. I use fabulous because 1) the app design makes me feel happy accomplished and motivated 2) I'm ready to make a big change in my life which requires several little changes including turning my bad habits into good ones and 3) I love lists and organization! So this app is perfect

Sofia Hansen
I have struggled for a year to set up and maintain a routine. It has not worked as I need constant reminders as my memory is that bad or I get sidetracked while trying. This app reminds me to keep my goals in front of me so I can work towards this needed goal.