What (if any) flexibility or mobility goals do you have?

Louis P.
My flexibility/mobility goals are to tie my hair in a ponytail without much shoulder pain, to be able to walk inside a building or to the park from my car without sweating and my knees and lower back hurting. And I want to easily pick up my baby pain free without worrying that my back will give out. And (TMI) not be as stiff (hips/legs/back) during intimacy. I’m working towards these goals by stretching twice a day and swimming whenever time permits. I’ve already seen improvements within the last two weeks.
Leonore U.
I would like to relieve pain and strengthen my muscles so I can begin running again. I want to be strong enough to have the stamina to run and stretch out my muscles. I want to be able to do long yoga sessions as well as run daily.
Christos F.
I would like to be able to do and hold some more advanced yoga positions. Stretching has always made me feel younger and more healthy. It brings a since of alignment and balance as well. I used to be really good at doing it regularly, but got out of the habit when I moved. I'm ready to pick it back up.
Grace Z.
I do a few stretches every morning. And I must say that I notice how much better I can breath after just one minute of stretching. Also my back feels relived…
Hope I could help in a way, good luck and keep your head up!
Kelly X.
I’m a dancer so maintaining and growing in flexibility & strength are always goals of mine. What is flexible to others is not necessarily flexible to me.
Ma Wenn Z.
I have neck and shoulder tightness. Recently found out I have stage 3 arthritis in my neck and bone spurs developing on all my vertebrae in my neck as well as an inverted curve. I want to make that right and be mindful of my posture. In addition, I feel creaky in the morning and my hips are tight. I want my body to be limber and supple and strong. I miss that feeling. The feeling that you need to move that your body craves it and you are envigorated be movement.