Do you do the same stretches every day?

Janet T.
No, I don’t do the same stretches every day. I usually alternate stretches every other day and try to add a new one in at least every few days.
Swetlana Z.
No, I stretch in the way that my body tells me to, so that I am relaxing the areas of tension I am feeling at that time
Christopher U.
I don’t do the same stretches every day in the same routine.but I do similar stretches every day just because they’re the ones that I’ve learnt from dance and gymnastics classes
Paula Q.
I do mostly the same stretches every day, except I like to change them up based on what I’m working on that day. I do feel it’s best to stretch all over for any activity… even if it’s sedentary. Stay strong!
Priska O.
Mostly I have key stretches that I have to do for my back, but I like to change it up and add in a small yoga routine or different stretches
Cornelius N.
No it depends on what muscles are being used throughout my days but with a focus on balance. If your back is sore stretch your back and stomach to even things out!
M Lina E.
I run so often I focus on my legs but depending on how I feel I might stretch for neck back or sides too. I feel my way through it depending on the day
Grace E.
No, if I do the same stretches every day my body gets used to it and it looses its benefits. Is better to change the routine at least 3 times a week.
Terry F.
Hi, The answer is, yes I do. I am an older woman of 82. If I go off my routine I tend to forget others. I enjoy my routine as I only will add another exercise if I feel a new stretch when making a different move while doing something else entirely. I say, "wow, that's a great stretching feel. Remember to add it the workout!". I do the same thing in the pool. When I make a certain move that feels different, while giving me a stretch, that move gets added, then too.
I love stretching because I can't do many of normal exercises because my sense of balance is not great and I tend to fall. This is not a good idea as I have artificial parts in my body. I am quite biopic! Stretching gives me tone, builds my muscles to bend, flex, and carry things, which I need to do in my daily life. I do most stretching on my bed, lying or sitting, as long as I don't disturb, The Queen! She is my Shih Tzu, another older female who takes over my life and house! She is lucky that I love her as much as I do.
If you find different stretching exercises, by all means, use them. My life and memory system is limited, but I hit every part of my body…even my double chin! So enjoy!
There is only one thing that I want to leave with you. This is not an exercise where, "NO PAIN, NO GAIN!" You are working at a level of muscles, tendons and attachments to each other is quite delicate. So Please, just move your body part just until you feel the stretch…..not pain! You get no Brownie points for pain. You can get stretched or torn muscles and/or tendons! That can hurt a lot for a long time. In a short time, you will feel yourself stretching further…….without pain, because the muscles are quite willing to stretch further, in a slower fashion! Respect them, please. And respect yourself for joining Fabulous. It's great! I am not a professional, I am simply a member, like you. So Enjoy. I wish you good health, great amounts of happiness and a lot of laughter in your life. Bye Bye. Have fun!
Rosenira F.
I don’t do the same stretches evreyday but sometimes I do kind off the same as last time but mostly new ones and new ones is better because you get to experience new stretches!
Rene O.
Yes, I have a set of stretching moves and it makes it easier and creates a routine to inorder start my day. I don’t loose time over trying to find new moves but instead I do the basic and most core moves which work not for a specific part but for all of my body. I recommend it!
Palma C.
The idea is to have your whole body stretched. So find out how can do it and get stretched Head to toe. Do it regularly.
Robin F.
I think I lack a coherent plan for stretching, but I find myself doing the torso twist frequently throughout the day to make up for my desk habit. I am going to come up with a detailed list of basic stretches tomorrow so I can do a better job at it. When I do stretch more meaningfully I imagine I won't have the exact routine every day, but my routine shouldn't deviate too much from a consistent and thorough routine.
Charbel Z.
Well I try to because then I am more likely to do them! But I also try to squeeze them in at random mom when I have the opportunity: shoulder stretches, calf stretches all can be done in the odd waiting moments that occur throughout the day!
Albert A.
Well no not really, I guess it’s a matter of where I feel the most tension- common place in my back and arms, and just look to work out the kinks in those areas. More often than not that works for me, and I do tend to feel a whole lot better with that.