How many times should you stretch a day and for how long?

Anthony W.
You should stretch at least twice a day, at least! If you go on a run or walk you should stretch before and after onto of the twice a day
Louise T.
So don't over stretch your body, so I recommend in the morning and night, especially if you have done a work out the best thing to do is stretch. You can do a 10 minutes stretch that way you're not overdoing your body
Daisy O.
I think once or twice a day depending on if you are sore or not. If you are sore, I say try and do more stretches but don’t push it and overstretch to avoid hurting yourself. So, like 5 minutes dedicated to stretching once a day if you are not sore and multiple times of 1-2 minutes of stretching a day if you are sore.
Leeloo W.
Whenever you've spent too long in one position, you should stretch for at least 2mn. At the office, sitting down more than 3h without taking break can damage your neck shoulder wrist and back… Take a short walk to reset the blood flow and stretch
T Nia S.
I only stretch in the morning, and it takes me 30min to go through all my body. Stretch all muscle groups very slowly, you can do it just once or repeat the exercise several times. If you are working out, stretch in the morning and after the workout!
Ines N.
For me it feels great to stretch for a few minutes in the morning after getting up and in the evening before going to bed. There are simple and easy yoga sequences also for like 15-20 mins that include moving the whole body. During work it is recommended to stand up and move a bit every hour, so during the day whenever I catch myself feeling a bit stiff or sleepy then a nice stretch (neck, chest, waist, limbs), a few deep breaths help break monotony and refresh my circulation, muscles, general body posture. I think a few minutes can already make a difference, it is important to listen to your body because it shows you what it needs. I hope it was helpful 🙂
Ottmar S.
2 times, in the morning and in the night, for 10minutes each; also, in between the day it would be good to keep stretching arms and upper boddy and legs.
Navah Y.
I think that you should stretch pretty often, so at least 3 times a day, but stretching doesn’t necessarily mean a ten minute
M Z.
If you want to become truly more flexible, I'd say 10 minutes for 2-3 times a day. Remember to warm up first – imagine you are pasta 😂 without warning up your muscles will just tear but with heat you can bend easier!
Aline M.
I preferably like to stretch in the morning before and after I exercise and then again before I start working and after all of my breaks at work. I’ll usually stretch about 4-6 times a day for about 5-10 minutes each session
Izzy N.
I suggest stretching everyday. How long to do it is personal preference. If you’re just starting out do it for 5 minutes for a few days. Then 10 minutes. Then keep it going for however long you’d like!
Wade J.
I don’t know about “should”, but what feels good for my body is a 10 minute stretch in the morning, and about a 5 minute stretch before bed. Recently I’ve been doing posture-boosting stretches at night.
Elena Z.
Usually I do the stretching in the morning, for about 20 minutes. That gives me the energy to make it through the day. Later in the afternoon I do another round of 5 minutes stretching just to relax the body.
Jessica I.
Personally, I stretch once a day. I do it carefully, but I also try to extend my limits. I prefer not minding the time but the exercise and how the muscle feels. I think the routine will always be changing according to your needs.
Jeremiah O.
Stretching can be done anytime of day it lengthens the muscles.
It can also be done several times a day. It is always good to stretch after you exercise. Good stretches should take at least one minute.