What motivates you to stretch even when you don’t want to get out of bed?

Cassandra O.
I use the alarm that is provided and I have continued with the stretching I’ve learned over the years in sports. Simple arm, leg and torso movements🧘🏼‍♀️

Sidney C.
I usually don't stretch until after I've had my water and I'm waiting to have my breakfast. It's a good way to unseize the joints and muscles

L Gio Q.
When I feel like I simply can't get out of bed, I take a sip of my water, look around the room and think of something that I love to do or who I love. This tells my brain that there is something worth getting up for and you need to get up to meet it or them again. Motivation isn't always key, it's the things around you what are the key to success.

Sharon S.
Because I will feel better and get my day going faster. If I delay, I feel all things fall behind, then I get discouraged and it becomes harder.

Geena Z.
My son Roman is growing up fast and almost 1. Each morning when I get up with him I don’t stretch, but when he goes to sleep I like to unwind. This helps when he wakes up. I also have tension when I wake up.. maybe a sore neck and belly aches. I know stretching relaxes these pains along with back pain

Eufr Sio Q.
If I don't want to get out of bed, I do my stretches in bed. It helps me to at least sit up and if I sit up I might as well stand up.

Miriah P.
I know I will feel more awake and ready for the day after I do. I do stretches that start in the bed!!

Try reaching out your arms and legs as wide as they go and they let the tension go x3.. Then squeeze in your legs, hold and release.

Then with your knees together, put them to your left side whilst facing right and then on your right side facing your left… Sit up slowly and put your feet together and feel your legs stretching…

Now you are ready to get up and do any further stretching you may want to 😊

Everett P.
Knowing that I will feel better, more relaxed and more motivated throughout the day, and also, knowing that I committed to my goal even when I didn't felt like it, makes me believe that I'm capable of anything!! And the feeling is priceless!!!

Carlo Z.
I think I'm working on my self , and that's not enough, I don't negotiate with my self, just , just tell to my self dont meter what day is today your plan for today ,where are you and what's you have to do today you must complete this before to star whatever you have to do, after that you can party, drink , worck , stay in bed, I am open for everything, that feeling of power that I give myself like a price after I complete my task let me do it, and I help myself not like a night routine, I prepare myself telling not to the partys , to drink with my friends to stay late out of my home and it's hard but I understand one important thing I need me I have nobody for reach my dreams only me and i love me i talk to me over and over again i love me don't matter how many times i fall down , how many times i fail to myself l, sabotage myself,how many times lay to myself happens what happens I always always be there for me ,because I love me with all my heart and I'll support myself until the end, that thought time me the responsibility to have some one who can trust what ver happens and have the responsibility to corresponding that pure love.
My name is Carlo Michael but i call myself …

Jordan W.
It helps to wake me up and it feels good, though it almost feels like a reward and it just gets you going but idk it’s just that it’s something you know makes your day that much better.

Emmy Z.
A lot of things can motivate me to stretch. I think knowing I don't have a lot of time in this world so I want to keep myself healthy so I can travel when I'm older. The one thing that does motivate me is early in the morning, when the sun is just rising and no one is out of bed and knowing you have that whole day ahead of you. Stretch In the warm sun and you will start your day feeling refreshed. And one more thing motivates me.. When I don't want to get out of my bed I think to myself: "I am the only one who can control my actions and affect my future, others don't control that. I care and love myself."

Fel Cia Z.
Bcs i want start the day with a good habbits for morning spirit. I feel more energic in the morning, have a positive mind that today will be a good day. How about you?

Morgan N.
What motivates me to stretch, even when I don’t want to get out of bed, is me visualizing my dream body and my desired lifestyle. I desire to be healthy, clean, exquisite, and extravagant-looking. When I stretch, it reminds me that everyday, I get closer and closer to this goal.

Emily E.
I have been doing my stretching after a short bit of exercise before bed. It allows me to cool down and stretch out my muscles and makes me feel more ready for sleep.

Danny F.
Sometimes I stretch in bed, this reminds me how good it feels to be stretched and ready for the day, then I get up and stretch.

Chantelle E.
I wake up many morning not wanting to get out of bed, than I sit there and think of all the people who can't get out of bed, and I realise life is so precious and don't take anything for granted because you don't know how long you'll be able to do those things for.

Tobias A.
Is to keep my body in shape. I like to dance, and if there are days that I feel like not doing it, at least I can keep my shape by doing that!

Kim N.
Finding stretches I can do from bed— there are so many!!! One is “drawing” the alphabet with each of your feet— it doesn’t necessarily feel like a stretch, but it is 🙂

Sarah R.
I’ve recently gone back to stretching, however I am doing it throughout the day. Not as soon as I wake up. I have not reached that level yet. The reason why I am stretching again is because I recently started work and I have been sitting a lot. This has lead to neck and back pain. Stretching reminders are just so I move a bit and try to do something good for my body.

Naja Z.
When I don't want to get out of bed, I think, "I can stretch in bed!" I'll start with easy ones I can do laying down, and work my way up to ones while sitting. After stretching in bed, I'm more motivated to get out of bed.

Keyra N.
Cause stretching is easier than excersizing. At least do some simple stretching like stretching your back, neck, and raise your arms.

Lacey Q.
So before I do stretch in the morning I take a sit of water and that really refreshes me and sort or gets me energized to start my day of with some nice stretching.

Shin Dee N.
If I dont feel like doing any stretching exercises at all, all I do is stretch my arms and back in any way I want, on the bed hahaha! And it does make me feel more refreshed after that.

Kyra G.
I think it’s just mind over muscle, and I won’t say I am successful 100% of the time either, but just knowing two things, I always feel better after I’ve stretched and I perform better when I do it consistently are what can push me to do it even when I don’t feel like it.

Sam N.
My puppy! Seeing his adorable little face wanting me to come out and play with him always gets me up and puts me in a good mood.

Emma O.
Well for me it’s about finding to will to get up. Once I find that and realize that I need to start my day I think about the things that will make my day better. I usually start with drinking one 16oz bottle of water to give my cells the hydration they need. Next, I stretch my calves, quads, shoulders, hamstrings, etc. These stretches make my body relaxed and relieves any tension I have in those muscles. That’s really all there is to it! Relieving the tension just makes your day a whole lot better!!

Isa E.
I usually get up to stretch bcs ik that if I never start, every day it will be harder to do it, and if I maintain a habit, it'll be easier each time

S Lvia O.
That I want to be happy and feel good with myself, it only depends on you, nothing else, it's a choice you got to do everyday, between being lazy and keep being miserable or be active and happy even if you don't feel like it
I choose to be happy.

Holli N.
Knowing that my old coping mechanisms aren’t helping. Sure I could curl up and try to ignore the feeling or stuff them down under junk food, but I always end up back here. Getting up and doing something small but positive is a new thing to try.

Lucas P.
I fell awake when I am done doing my stretch, so I can start my day in a good mood.
(Sorry for my bad English, it isn’t my first language)

Joan P.
The this that motivates me to strech are my goals in life because i want to attain a healthy lifestyle whereas can be a good practice and a good habit.

Lafemme S.
When I had a friend living with me for a while I never got to do things I wanted to do so now she's left I just wanna become more successful in life theb anything else in like trying to be fit and have more energy and stuff like that and it feels good to be doing fitness

Tyler O.
The feeling of stretching relieves my stress. It feels like I’m just breaking all the stress away whenever I stretch. If I don’t stretch I feel like I’m being squished together. And I like stretching in general. It also helps me start with the day.

Aldemar Q.
When I don’t want to get out of bed, I remember that I need to stretch. Stretching kick start my day with a positive mindset and refreshed and ready body to complete all my tasks for the day. I will feel more put together once I stretched and maybe even more productive. Stretching is a very good way to relieve stress and tension so the reasons that are causing me to not want to get out of bed may even be resolved by me doing my one minute stretch.

Florival P.
I know that it helps me practice discipline to reach my goals, and missing one session brings me farther away from reaching those goals.

Clara V.
For me it is partly 1- knowing a great cup of coffee or dark hot chocolate awaits me! 2-correct stretches cured my back aches 3- I also am proud to accomplish my little morning routine everyday ad feel better afterwards. Here it is : drink fresh source water, eat fruits and nuts, take vitamins (d, zinc, b), run 5 minutes, stretch 3 minutes, and celebrate with coffee 🙂

남 저스틴 N.
Actually, my back spasms and the quality of satisfactory and sleep that I can get afterwards. Knowing that a few minutes of just moving your muscles and recalibrating the situation of your bones will be worthy and meaningful gives me sudden urge to get out of bed!

Jennifer Q.
I actually never want to stay in bed. I enjoy waking up early, have for years. The peacefulness of the early morning hours makes me want to get up and enjoy my time before the rest of the world wakes up. Stretching has just become part of that peaceful morning time for me.

Eleanor P.
When I don’t want to get out of bed I will start off by stretching in my bed then when I feel more awake I will move to my floor.

Jane Y.
I just push myselfz I think about regretting not doing it today and then the next day something comes up do I didn't get to stretch

Tamara T.
When I feel the sense of irritations I stop to think sometimes I’ll want to get up and move around a bit, or feel a burst of energy I’ll normally do little arm stretches or go on a small walk

Aisha N.
What motivates me is the feeling that comes after doing something that has been like a heavy weight on you. The happiness I feel after completing everything on my to-do list.

Jian S.
Knowing that one day this hard work will pay off is the greatest motivation. If you REALLY don’t feel like it, just take a break but if u regularly neglect it, it's gonna bring reallly bad results. Remember your why. Count for 5 seconds and jump out of your bed. "Just 5 minutes." tell yourself. And after those 5 minuts, you can move on with your day. Those small accomplishments will make your dreams come true and remind yourself of how proud you'd feel when you made it. Close your eyes when you dont wanna get up, and 5, 4, 3, 2, 1..GET UP! Just for 5 minutes. Turn on a music that brings you up, makes you active. Splash cold water to your face JUST after you wake up and drink a WHOLE glass of water. Put it beside your alarm so that it’s easy to see. Eat something light or enegetic like a protein bar or a simple banana. Then start stretching and exercising. And please, tell yourself "Thank you" each time you make these small accomplishments. You tried it out? I'm proud of you. LY, friend. Shock the world.

Sia O.
I just think about the day might go. It could be the best day of my life and that is the reason I stretch. Building a routine is the first step to a good day.

Ay E Q.
Its not something I can always do. But I want to escape the cycle of my depressive episodes, so I tell myself that stretching is a small step in the right direction. It only takes a minute after you manage to get out of bed. The hardest part is getting out of bed, but sometimes you have to remind yourself that life continues on as you lay in bed, doing nothing but staring at your walls. Once you start giving in to your depressive side, it'll take advantage of you and destroy you. I try my best to avoid it, even though I'm not successful most of the time.

Umaimah N.
Well it more like staying in warm bed all day or better to start a good and healthy day so this really motivates me

Dylan T.
What motivates me to stretch in the morning is that stretching is good for you bones and yourself it makes you feel relax