What kind of stretches do you tend to do the most?

Jordan P.
I wake up in the morning and stretch my arms up above my head for about 5-10 seconds, shake my body then I lean into each leg for about 10 seconds each.
Lydia N.
I tend to do thigh and legs stretches. I usually like to add some squats too. I do lunges. I also roll my hips, shoulders, and neck (carefully) to feel more stretched out and in control.
Quentin Y.
I start from the ground and work my way to standing. Anywhere from glute bridge, butterfly stretch, lunges to chest and shoulder stretch.
Alfred C.
Any leg stretches. Hamstring, calf and achilles stretches are great and can be done just about anywhere! Hope this helps xx
Kyleigh X.
A lot of leg stretches. They are mostly for the hamstrings and quads since i use those quite almost whether it be everyday life or swimming. I try to do those stretches as much as shoulder stretches to keep my injury down.
Jonathan P.
I stretch my hips a lot, as I'm a horse rider and that is always tight. My lower back gives me problems as well and I always need a good leg stretch.
Andy J.
I tend to do small stretches nothing that hurts like ill put oneleg out and reach forit with my arm or i will bend my back releasing tention
Ashleigh Q.
Cat-cow is a really nice one to start with, the thread the needle and child's pose. Downward dog to cobra back and forth is nice once you've warmed up a little bit.
Livi F.
child's pose, pike, straddle and splits; as a dancer i want to keep my flexibility and make sure none of muscles are tense/tight.
Eliza E.
I am a ballet dancer, so i mostly stretch for flexibility. I stretch pretty much every part of my body, especially my legs, hips, and back. I do a lot of oversplits and other leg stretches. I also stretch my feet and toes frequently.
Hailey T.
I tend to do leg stretches most of the time because I need them to be ready for field hockey. I also stretch my back by doing stretches my chiropractor gave me because I have back issues.
Adam G.
I like to stretching the his and the legs, then also the back. I am still searching for a nice stretching routine, exploring YouTube videos.
Ellen N.
Sun salutations! They warm me up and calm me down. There are traditional sequences but once you get that down it’s nice to add your own spin and do what works for you.
Valdira N.
I mostly tend to do a guided yoga, where I stretch my whole body and relax myself before going to bed. If you have the time, it can become a really healthy habit that can improve your flexibility and mental health.
Chiara M.
i like to do cobras and just breath in when i go up, and breath out when i lay down.
doing this move helps me free my mind and taking time for myself. it also helps me reduce stress and regulate my breath.
i like to doing it after a workout or in the morning after waking up and drinking a glass of water