Do you focus on several body parts or your whole body? And if you focus only on one part do you change that part daily?

Katarina R.
For me I prefer whole body instwad of parts. Big movements I like to break a sweat. 30 min is good enough. Sometimes I walk, sometimes run, jump rope. As long as I move!

Frank U.
Right now my main goal is to lose my belly and side fat, but on the days I have more time I work in some cardio for the full body workout. On my rest days I take long walks instead of workouts.

Loura N.
Basically what i do is Find atleast 3 exercises for different part like 3 for upper bodyfor lower body and and the merge them ..after 10 day i change these and replace with new ones..And at Last thos is not be mentioned you always have to do warm up and cold down…💜
Hope this would help…take care and All the very best🎐

Mar A S.
Hi, I do focus on my neck and back because I have bad posture so it is a little annoying. But apart from that, I also stretch arms, shoulders and legs.

Winnie N.
I usually work on one body part ~ give a good couple of stretches. Later on when I stretch I may change it up, depending on how tight I am feeling 🥴

Susanna A.
I focus on my whole body, I feel it's pointless changing a part of myself only, when I am my whole body, one part of my body doesn't reflect who I am, my body as a whole reflects who I am

Isabel C.
I focus on my neck, shoulders, and back as I have chronic pain in my back so do try to stretch them as much as possible to release some pain. It helps me a lot so while sitting the whole day and working it's not much pain if I do not stretch it.