What types of stretches do you do in the morning (if any)? Do you have a few recommendations that really work for you?

Erich J.
arms – one arm stretched across my chest and hold up with the other arm, almost making a cross and vice versa.

Legs – stretch leg behind you, so your ankle is touching your bottom. Hold for 10-15 seconds. And vice versa.

Hips – twist your waist to the left and right for about 20/30 seconds continuously keeping your legs firm facing forward.

Hands – clench and open fist spreading fingers about ten times.

Head – lean head to the left for few seconds, to the right, dip chin towards chest and lean head back. All for few seconds each.

Back – legs straight and feet facing forward, bend waist to touch hands as close as you can to the floor. This stretches thighs and back.

Elsie T.
Gm and yes stretches are a great way to start any day… Everyone's body is different however the time adjustments of any stretch can make all the difference. Start with upper body stretches the arms the back muscles and neck.. Starting with one-minute intervals.. Then head down towards the lower half and add one min to them..i hope it helps. It's an honor to assist anyone
Christoffer Z.
One must do stretches ,what makes him/her comfortable, i usually do sun salutations coz it stretch out the body in every way