What do we do before stretch training? After? How often can we do stretch exercises for achieving split? How long do we have to sit in the split if we train 3/1*? *3 days in row training, 1 day -relax

Renee N.
Before we stretch we think about all our muscles that feel strained and sour. It makes you think about the here and now, being in our body in the current status in a specific clntext where you are.
Kurt W.
We warm up for streching, but how do you warm up…. for warm ups? After… i have no clue! I have no clue for any of this :((( for a split, maybe a month? Ny friend did something similar. Maybe two months. 3 if youre a bit lazy. For the last question, im going to say… 30 seconds. You dont want t. overwork yourself.
Olga F.
Walking is a good thing to do before stretching because it warms up your muscles which helps with stretching without hurting yourself.

I don't know about splits. Google that one.