What’s a good stretching tip for beginners?

Lucile Z.
here are some stretches you can do. You could do toe touches, straddle, piegon pose which is half of a split, butterfly stretch or lunges for your legs and hamstrings and other stretches like cobra stretch, head rolls , child pose and cat cow pose to have a good stretch.
Niyati Z.
First take some time to calm your mind by breathing before you start. If you can't to the stretch fully then start with how much you can, take a deep breath then bend more forward. This will really help.
Melissa E.
There are a lot of good stretches that can help with many things. I highly recommend lunges, about 10 of them every morning. Not only do the help your leg muscles, they help you relax as well. Good luck! I believe in you!
Lisandra C.
If your wondering how to stretch. Then just don't focus on the stretching focus on relaxation. Remember to be gentle don't aim for the pain!