What type of exercise do you do if you are working too much?

Jacob Z.
I don’t exercise. I just try and move as much as I came and as long as time permits. I am just a natural fidgeter, so I just shake my leg nonstop. But I recommend that you try and stand up and maybe jump, do some squats, and just walk around. The goal isn’t to exercise, but to move

Victor P.
I don’t do exercise on a regular basis but when I do I use the 7 minute women app and I do a lot of arm circles stretches and some planks and push ups

Dana A.
I walk my dog at least once a day, at most 3 or 4 times, I actually find it makes me calmer and happier, I'm guessing it's the fresh air, the scenery and sunshine and of course the exercise. I'd like to add in yoga and tai chi because they're calming and good for your joints.