Yes I have, what is a good kind of stretch that I should do?

Laurine O.
You can go on YouTube and search for good stretches on Fabulous YouTube channel. But I also recommend seated leg stretch and side stretch.
Flenn Y.
There is no one wonderful universal stretch. What is tight for one person may be naturally loose for another. I recommend doing yoga to find some ways to move your body that you might not have thought of. Then you can incorporate some of those into your daily routine.
Ifig Nia Q.
I would personally recommend a whole body yoga flow to get a full body stretching. That’s what I do in the mornings, but obviously that’s what I prefer.
Chester J.
I like doing downward dogs as I have very limited calf flexibility and it definitely stretches them out. Downward dog seems like a stretch that you can continuously improve the form of.
Allan U.
Make sure your muscles are warm before stretching. Breathe while stretching, try to be relaxed. Let your muscles stretch gently, avoid pumping. The rest is up to you. 😊
Brand O A.
I recommend to start with a quick full body stretch. Then, follow it with stretches that are focused on your problem areas (ie. Aching backs or hips).
Maria W.
Hips!! Almost everyone has tight hips. Stand up, put your ankle on your knee and bend over, then repeat on the other side
Brandie F.
If you work a lot standing up you can try the following exercise. Extend your arms in front of you with you palms facing down. Kick your leg straight up and try to touch your hand. It’s okay if you don't reach. Alternate legs when kicking ip. You will feel the stretch in your hamstrings, gluteals and even your lower back. Happy stretching! lot
Eugene T.
I have a yoga routine I do every morning. It's a simple series of spine and leg stretching series. It takes about one minute and you can do it as many times in a row, as you want to.
It goes like this:
Stand up. Lift your arms and reach to the ceiling.
Bend your body to both sides.
Bend over and try to touch your ankles, toes or the floor.
Reach to your left ankle with your right hand, lift your left hand to the ceiling at the same time to make a twist to your spine. Do the same on the other side.
Lift up your torso and reach forwards with your hands to stretch your thighs and legs.
Stand up, reach your hands to the ceiling. Bend your upper body gently back.
Repeat as many times as you want to.
End by just standing, breathing, being grateful. 🧘🙏
Bradley Z.
Childs pose, which is very similar to dolphin pose. The only difference is that you have a better range of motion. (Can move arms left and right for a good stretch)
Le O B.
One which really stretches out my back and any sore muscles, allowing me to relax and sleep properly. Furthermore, prevent injury and soreness in first place. I have never been able to do the splits in my life. I want to be able to do that. I no longer can bend as well as I once could, I’d like to do that with ease again.
Wenzel Q.
Well, I am sorry for my really bad english, because it’s not my mother tongue; anyway; I always start with my head, so I stretch myself from head to toes. You could watch some youtube videos concerning gymnastics warm up/stretch because I do gymnastics since I am 5 years old.
Write me if you need something:)
Milton J.
Stretching your whole body is very important, but I highly recommend stretching your back and hamstrings as these are two areas that are often neglected in stretching and strengthening.
Stretch the hamstrings by sitting with your legs extended in front of you with your toes pointed up toward the ceiling; gently lean forward and reach for your toes. You can bend the knees slightly, but if you bend them too much, you won’t stretch the right muscle. This can also be done standing.
To do my favorite back stretch, you start in a standing position and then bend in half reaching for your toes. You can bend your knees slightly. Once you’re bent forward, just let your arms and head hang loose. Hold that for a little bit then, without changing the rest of your body, cross your arms and let them hang in that position for a bit. It should feel like your spine is getting longer.
Abdul E.
I love yoga. I’ve been using the routine in the app with some modifications. It really helps me to get going in the am.
Karsten E.
I reach for my toes while standing, legs straight. I used my core to go up and down slightly you decrease the distance between my fingers and toes. I do 10-15 of these.
Bernadete F.
Seated leg stretch and side stretch are a good kind of a stretch that you can do. You can also check Fabulous YouTube channel search for some stretch videos.
Willie E.
Here's a favorite stretch of mine, its a good general stretch for your back, core, and shoulders. To begin, get on the floor in an 'all fours' position. Press down hard with your arms and push your chest as far from the floor as possible arching your back like a cat. Feel your shoulders spread apart and arch your spine towards the ceiling. Hold the position and then release it. Rest briefly and repeat.