What sort of stretches do you do

Kyle Y.
Usually quad first then hamstring. Move on to shoulder and triceps. Then knee to chest, and the last one is child’s pose.
Susannah U.
Any that come into my head. Rolling down vertibra by vertibra, leg up in the air one down, knee hugged to chest, holding hands behind my back, etx
Karla W.
I’ve been getting weekly free 5 day Pilates workouts so I do a lot of stretching with that. I’ve played sports my entire life so I just stretch like I’m use to
Susannah U.
I have a Calanetics dvd and ministry of sound chillates dvd. I do stretches from that. My favourite is roll your shoulders back, then holding your core muscles tight, dip your head forward and roll down vertibra by vertibra until you've gone as far as you can (do the rolling down exhaling, shoulder roll inhaling). Bend both knees breathing in, then tip your pelvis forward and roll back up exhaling, lifting your head last. Because I do my minute stretch before bed, I find this stretch really relaxing and good for my back 🙂