Does stretching really help make you more flexible and less injury prone if you do it like 3 minutes a day?

Folker N.
Yes. 110% yes. If you don't stretch you’re more likely to tear something. First thing you do at a track meet is stretching and warmups.
Hans Ulrich T.
It might help! It could definetely take longer but if you do it everyday once or twice and make sure you are having a good stretch it should be okay! I would reccomend 5 minutes or more instead of 3 but if 3 works for you go for it!
Arturito N.
Yes, of course. With all the activity I have in practising music I am always prone to issues with arm muscles. I already noticed that stretching frees my body up and my playing is more relaxed
Caroline Y.
Yes! As a dancer myself, I usually do a quick, 5-10 minute warm-up before classes, gradually stretching more throughout the warm-up. Because I’m warmed up, my muscles are loose and that makes it less likely for them to strain while doing physical activity.