Are you love to doing stretching after workout or before workout?

Jade X.
I always and always stretch before my workouts. That way I wake my body up and get my muscles ready to workout. I recommend everyone to stretch before a work out. After is good too, but always stretch before!
Melissa S.
Streching BEFORE workout is way better because it opens you muscles and warms up your body.If you do workout without stretching your muscles might hurt hurt.Thank you for the question and I love answering it :D!
Callie U.
I generally do some stretching beforehand to get warmed up, or even start my workout with a short yoga routine. Some days I forget to stretch beforehand and end up stretching afterwards to ease the tired muscles and joints though.
Jeppe C.
Before and after. Before, to warm up the muscles for the coming exercises. After, to relax and stretch out any kinks that a wrong movement may have left.