What are some go-to arm stretches?

Rejah M.
1. Shoulder rolls/shrugs- keeping your shoulders relaxed and then rotating it inwards then outwards.
2. Arm and shoulder stretch- raise one arm shoulder height and then bring it to the opposite side so that your palm faces back and thumb is pointed upwards. Repeat for next arm.
3. Overhead arm pulls- put one arm above your head and bend it at elbow to reach your upper back between shoulder blades. Use your right arm to pull your the left elbow in behind your head to increase the stretch.
Alma P.
I like to stand a foot away from a wall, my arms bent at the elbow and slide up the wall and lean back in my hips for a long stretch. It stretches the arms and the muscles in the back, sometimes popping the lower back. I follow up by putting my arm against wall palm side to the wall and use by body to push until I feel a gentle stretch. I switch sides doing all for at least 10 seconds.
Joy F.
Morning stretch with fingers through scalp and trailing around esrs and down throat . palms together reach for sky rotate palms up stretch to the clouds and swing arms to ankles and back to center . Do the excited child forward sides up and down. butterfly fingers and all